Our winter series is coming…

Just two weeks until our winter series of Virtual Visits to Saints and Holy Places: don’t forget to sign up for Zoom details!

In our sessions, we will be meeting:

  • The saint with 17 Orthodox Churches and communities dedicated to him in the British Isles
  • The saint whose shoes keep wearing out
  • The saint who crossed many time zones and the international date line to be a missionary
  • The place of Christ’s birth
  • The humble village in the UK dedicated to the Mother of God
  • The saint who literally shone with the Holy Spirit

Please join us!

3 thoughts on “Our winter series is coming…

  1. Iwouldliketo joinyou all onthis 1 on sume canyousendmethelink forthis ?howareyoutoday ?can e meet in person at saint dimitrischurch inedmonton it is mylocal church

    Ware I go


  2. You all would be so welcome when the world “opens up” again. Let us see what possibilities there will be in the New Year. With love in Christ,


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