Women’s Ministries Initiative

Serving Women Best

The Fellowship also supports the Women’s Ministries Initiative led by Dr Elena Narinskaya.  WMI Current Events

Women’s Ministries Initiative is an independent group which functions under the auspices of the Fellowship of St John the Baptist. It is a forum to explore the roles of men, women and the laity within the Orthodox Church.

See Metropolitan Kallistos of Diokleia‘s interview on the Russian Revolution

The mission of the Women’s Ministries Initiative: Networking, Educating, Communicating

  • Networking: building bridges and joint initiatives with other Orthodox and non-Orthodox organisations;
  • Educating: organising conferences, study days and facilitating discussions in between;
  • Communicating: in order to understand each other and learn to accept and respect every point of view, even if it is different from one’s own

The initiative has a Facebook page where you can find all their latest information, and now has its own email address womensministriesinitiative@gmail.com.


Previous events:

Please feel free to get on board by helping in organising our next event: Women’s Ministry Initiative – Latest. Reports and pictures from some of the events listed are in the events archive.

November 2019: A study day on ‘The Abundant life of a martyr, artist, theologian: Mother Maria (Skobtsova)’ held in Pusey House, Oxford, with an exhibition of some of Mother Maria’s original work, including artwork and a set of vestments.

March 2019: A study day on ‘An Orthodox Christian Perspective on Sickness and Suffering’ took place in Oxford, St Theosevia House. 

September 2018: A study day on ‘Ordination of Women: Pros and Cons’ took place in Oxford, Pusey House.  Speakers included Revd Dr Gabrielle Thomas, Revd Professor Andrew Louth, Metropolitan Kallistos Ware, Dr Ally Kateusz and Professor Mary Cunningham.

September 2017: A pilgrimage and study day honouring St Frideswide of Oxford.

March 2017: Women’s Ministries Initiative launched a new series of Pilgrimages/study days of the Holy Women of British Isles in Ely Cathedral on the 4th of March 2017. It was attended by 20 people, women, men, Orthodox, Catholic, and Anglican. We enjoyed good talks and a tour of the Cathedral plus a concert by a beautiful choir after lunch, we also visited a local RC church, where we served a canon to St. Etheldreda and venerated her relics.


October 2015: Study day ‘The Person and the Individual: Solitude and Loneliness’ 17 October 2015 in Oxford, at Lady Margaret Hall with Metropolitan Kallistos Ware (Oxford), Sister Vassa Larin (Vienna) and Rev’d Prof Andrew Louth (Durham)

March 2015: The Women’s Ministries held a Study Day on ‘Priesthood and Laity’ (7 March 2015) with Metropolitan Kallistos of Diokleia and Dr Mary Cunningham.

Summer 2014: The Women’s Ministries Initiative worked closely with the Orthodox Theological Research Forum with their 2014 Conference: ‘Inspiration through Time: Women’ Ministries in the Orthodox Church’ (full report here).

2013: The idea of starting the Women’ Ministries Initiative was formed in 2013 when two people gathered together looking for ways to bring the initiative further. Later on in the year the Women’ Ministries Initiative became one of the working groups of the Orthodox Fellowship of St John the Baptist. Our first meeting as a group was in Oxford in March 2014.


Metropolitan Kallistos on the Russian Revolution

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