100 Years After the Russian Revolution

A Women’s Ministries Initiative page led by Dr. Elena Narinskaya

Dr Elena Narinskaya

The reality of building Communism in Russia after the Revolution of 1917 was the most traumatic and damaging experience for the country, for its people, for the people in the surrounding countries, and for the Church.

It is in the past as a historical reality, but its damage continues. It is surprising that until now neither state nor the church brought their apologies, paved their way to repentance for the damages of the communism.

No steps to healing through repentance are considered, not even a discussion about the ways of repentance as an act of healing for the damaged body of the church or the state. In my view, it is most alarming and serious shortcoming. Your Eminence, please share your views.

This video is part of a larger interview conducted with Metropolitan Kallistos in Oxford on the 18th of July 2017 by Elena Narinskaya.

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