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Searching for Synthesis: The Abundant Life of an Artist, Theologian, Martyr Mother Maria (Skobtsova)

16 November 2019, Oxford

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This study day will be on the subject of St Maria of Paris (Mother Maria Skobtsova). It will be held at Pusey House (tbc). Speakers are expected to be:

  • Dr Rowan Williams, Master of Magdalene College, Oxford, and former Archbishop of Canterbury
  • Fr Andrew Louth, Emeritus Professor of Patristic and Byzantine Studies, Durham University
  • Protodeacon Peter Scorer, Orthodox Parish of the Holy Prophet Elias, Devon
  • Natalia Likvintseva, Senior Researcher at the House of the Russian Emigration
  • Antoine Arjakovsky, Research Director at the Collège des Bernadins, Paris
  • Cyrille Sollogoub, Professor of Liturgical Theology
  • James Roberts